Expensive TVs, Harveys and One Direction: The Biggest Digital Stories of 2013

Throughout 2013, we’ve enjoyed the incredible support of our loyal readers from the retail consumer electronic industry and the team here at Appliance and Digital Retailer thank you, one and all, for your readership.

On our final day of regular publishing, we look back at an incredible year; here are The 10 Biggest Digital Stories of 2013:


This story was posted in the dying days of 2012 but it certainly had legs, maintaining strong interest throughout 2013, no doubt spurred on by the five lads touring Australia in October.

9. Panasonic’s GX7 ambitions focused on up-selling specialist retailers

“Panasonic Australia is calling on the specialist camera retailers to support the launch of its new GX7 compact system camera by up-selling consumers from compact and entry-level system cameras and cross-selling the body with lenses from Panasonic’s increasingly broad lens range,” is how we covered it at the time.

8. Bigger, smarter Samsung S9 Ultra HD 4K TV is only $40k

Samsung targeted three key trends with the release of the $40,000 S9 TV: a move to super-large screen sizes, TVs becoming a focal point of homes and users demanding more content from the TV itself.

7. How Dick Smith secured the Leap Motion retail exclusive (and related stub)

Leap Motion came to Australia in 2013, exclusive to Dick Smith. We had the full story on how and why this happened, along with an expert guest review.

6. Inside Source: How the technology sausage is made in Hong Kong

Embedded with retailers and suppliers sourcing products from Hong Kong, we reported on how the deals are done and shared some of the more amusing stories from the floor of the tradeshow.

5. Sharp finally releases its long-awaited 90-inch TV: it’s $21,000!

“After months of tempting Australia with the impending launch of its ‘spectacularge’ 90-inch TV, the Sharp Corporation of Australia today released its televisual behemoth onto the market,” is how we reported this enormous TV launch.

4. Sony Centres prepare for store closures with liquidation sale

It was the end of an era for Sony when, in February, it began closing down Sony Centres, replacing these high concept brand stores with in-mall kiosks.

3. Harvey Norman secures LG Nexus 4 exclusive and $97 margin

Retail customers looking to secure a much-sought-after Nexus 4 handset had to shop at Harvey Norman and pay $97 more than Google was charging on its website.

2. 25 Best Headphone Brands Of 2012

Another carry-over from the end of 2012, this UnderCurrent special feature poked fun at the various headphone brands out there – it proved a hit with our discerning readers.

1. How Channel Seven ownership created and eliminated TiVo in Australia

The biggest digital story of 2013 documented the rapid rise and fall of TiVo in Australia. From its heady days as a Harvey Norman exclusive to its eventual failure, we looked at why the much beloved system couldn’t replicate its American success in Australia.

Featured Image: Sony’s kiosk at Parramatta Westfield.

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