Harvey Norman secures LG Nexus 4 exclusive and $97 margin

Harvey Norman has secured the exclusive Australian retail distribution for the LG Nexus 4, one of the most sought after handsets in the world.

Manufactured by LG in partnership with Google, the Nexus 4 was originally sold online through Google Play for $349 (8GB) and $399 (16GB). Harvey Norman will only sell the 16GB version, at $496. Google currently lists both handsets as having “Sold Out” on Google Play.

Consumers can also purchase the Nexus 4 through Harvey Norman on an Optus plan.

From the LG media release announcing this news:

“A design collaboration between LG and Google, the LG Nexus 4 was officially launched on Google Play in November 2012, and quickly proved to be a hit after selling out within 20 minutes.

“Global demand for the smartphone continues to grow, and offering the handset in Australian stores now will give sales another boost.

“The Nexus 4 brings together LG’s advanced hardware design, including Qualcomm’s cutting-edge Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, for speed and power. Featuring 2GB of RAM and the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean), the Nexus 4 is the snappiest Nexus smartphone to date.”

“The Nexus 4 is a great example of how LG’s state of the art hardware is innovating in the smartphone market with Google choosing to be its latest hardware partner,” said general marketing manager Lambro Skropidis in a statement.

“The response in Australia has been overwhelmingly positive on Google Play already, and we know our Harvey Norman partnership will create even greater demand.”

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