Residentia Group has hosted an event with retail partners at Eurocucina to share its plans to re-launch the Omega brand in the Australian market, following its acquisition of the brand in March 2023.

Residentia Group general manager of sales and marketing, Troy Hinchco said, “We are going to re-launch the Omega brand with a nod to the legacy that Omega has had in the market for over 40 years with an acute future focus for the brand,”

“There are three elements that underpin how we will take the Omega brand forward – first, recognition of where we came from and where we are going; second, being strongly design-led across the entire product portfolio and third, how we engage with end consumers through a fresh marketing approach.”

Residentia Group national sales manager for retail, Kelly Gray added, “2024 is a significant year for us at Residentia Group as we will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary in July. We now have three offices globally, distributing and sourcing for 11 brands across six countries, with 76 team members around the world, and we have sold more than 10 million appliances globally.”

Greg Wilson (The Good Guys), Tania Grillinzoni (The Good Guys), Rob Sinclair (E&S), Ben Miller (Bing Lee), Tania Garonzi (The Good Guys) & Kelly Gray (Residentia Group).

Residentia Group creative director, Nicholas Cary commented, “Omega has been in the Australian market since 1981 so we are conscious of how we re-launch the brand not just to our customers but also our retail partners.

“We will be launching an entire new product range and entering into new whitegoods categories, so we developed a unified statement that wasn’t anchored to one product or category. I am pleased to announce that Omega is For the Entertainer. We believe this tagline resonates with all Australians, not just those who host regular dinner parties, but also those who simply enjoy cooking for friends and family.

“User generated content (UCG) is going to be a major focus for the Omega go-to-market strategy over the next 12 months to engage with end consumers in new and different ways through competitions and experiences, tips and tricks for entertaining at home, stories from designers and architects, to create a community among Omega customers.

“We want to communicate that the new Omega range is a tool to help people entertain at home more easily and more affordably.”

The new Omega range is scheduled to roll out into retail stores from May 2024.

Feature image: Con Tsoutouras (Spartan), Peter Harris (Bing Lee), Ben Miller (Bing Lee), Nicholas Cary (Residentia Group) & Troy Hincho (Residentia Group).