Ninja Kitchen, known for its air fryers, has expanded into the outdoor cooking category with the launch of the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill, following a successful debut in the US and UK.

The seven-in-one portable electric grill uses 100% real wood-burning pellets for authentic woodfire flavours. Ninja’s Woodfire technology tenderises large cuts of meat up to 40% faster and with 80% fewer pellets than competitor grills without compromising on flavour.

With the performance of a full-size BBQ, the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill can grill up to six steaks or 16 sausages, air fry up to 1.3kg of wings, or smoke a 4kg whole brisket. In addition to grilling, smoking and air frying, users can also roast, dehydrate and reheat.

The Smart Cook System allows users to precisely monitor the food’s temperature during cooking, with four smart protein settings and nine customisable doneness levels to avoid under or overcooking.

Utilising 1,760-watt electric power means there is no need for charcoal or propane gas, and the grill is safe to use on balconies in apartment buildings.

The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill is available for RRP $899.99 via JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Ninja Kitchen Australia website.