Sony debuts ‘Triluminous Display’ TV technology, and ‘DogCam’

By Patrick Avenell in Las Vegas

Among all the new 4K, OLED, Smart TV and NFC features Sony has announced for its 2013 Bravia TV range is an intriguing new colour spectrum technology called ‘Triluminous Display’.

“Triluminous Display enriches your viewing with a wider palette of rich, natural colours,” said a Sony spokesperson. “Unique to Sony, this new-generation backlight technology expands the range of colours [Sony TVs] can display compared with normal TVs.

“Compared with ordinary displays, red and more vivid and lifelike, hard-to-reproduce greens and blues more natural.”

We observed a side-by-side comparison of a previously released, non-Triluminous TV and one of the new Bravias with the technology. While not as amazing as Sony’s hyperbolic description above, there is a noticeable improvement in how reds and greens are produced, but very little change in the blues.


The introduction of a new colour display technology recalls Sharp’s keynote Quattron technology unveiling at the 2010 International CES. Since the launch of these Quattron TVs, which add a yellow pixel to the traditional Red/Green/Blue colour spectrum, Sharp has been unable to truly communicate the benefits of this patented and exclusive technology, despite the incredible quality of those LED panels.

How successful Sony is in communicating Triluminous will be a factor to watch in 2013.


Meanwhile, in bizarre Sony prototype news, we spotted DogCam on the venerable Japanese company’s stand today:

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