Leading Edge backs growth with revamped team

Healthy growth has encouraged the Leading Edge Group to restructure and expand its management team by creating a new position, national group manager. Nick Fry, who joined the retailer in 2013, has been elevated into the role. He had previously held the position of Leading Edge head of product and marketing.

US retail icon Bob Abt passes away

Bob Abt, CEO of Chicago retail institution Abt Electronics, has died at 77. Abt Electronics was a major retail destination for the Narta Group which took over 200 members, suppliers and media to the store during its annual conference in 2005.

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WiFi falls over at MWC Shanghai

Presenters know there’s nothing worse when the connection falls out, and participants at an industry event about mobile technology at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai this week, were bemused on this week to find themselves not being able to rely on the Wi-fi connection provided at the conference site.

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