AEG understands consumers want their clothes to look their best for longer and its new range of laundry appliances provides the confidence that even the most loved items will be cared for properly. The range comes with a new best-in-class design thanks to the seamless and intuitive interaction with the products, making them easier to use and navigate.

Advancements in connectivity means adapting appliances to your lifestyle. Personalise the setting and receive smart tips to adjust the laundry experience based on habits to get the best results. Plus, it will soon be possible to ask Google when the washing will be done.

UniversalDose is a unique detergent drawer for laundry capsules designed to deliver a more powerful cleaning and stain removal performance in cold water and quick one-hour washes*. Tailored waterjets soften, pierce, and fully dissolve capsules in the drawer, activating them 60% faster compared with placing directly in the drum.

ProSteam helps reduce wrinkles in clothes which means less ironing is needed, which in turn places less stress on clothes and helps them last longer.

The AEG Washer Dryer with PowerCare uses an advanced pre-mixing technique to activate detergent power, providing superior washing results even at 30°C, and in less than one hour. During the drying cycle, items are dried but not overdried, helping to retain their look and feel.

*Internal test using a cotton 30°C one-hour programme, comparing detergent capsules in the UniversalDose drawer vs. detergent capsules in the drum. Product design and features varies per model.


Washing machines from $1,699

Dryers from $1,899

Washer Dryer from $3,099