Fhiaba presented its latest portfolio of wine cellar and refrigeration products at this year’s Eurocucina in Milan.

Fhiaba debuted an innovative prototype at the show with a medical storage compartment with the ability to store various kinds of medication required to be stored in a controlled environment equipped with a lock and key mechanism to keep it safe and secure.

The feature is a part of their latest product design, a French Door style refrigerator scheduled to be released in 2025 in Fhiaba’s distinctive Classic, Integrated and X-Pro styles.

“Fhiaba is a true specialist refrigeration brand with innovative, high-quality products that incorporate all the premium and luxurious features you expect to see in luxury food preservation products,” Eurolinx marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio told Appliance Retailer.

“The unique feature of Fhiaba is in the small details, like the cabinet integration down to a less than 1mm gap for a completely seamless installation to the wide range of custom options available for the interiors of all the products.”

Fhiaba wine cellars are designed to provide optimum conditions for storing wine by protecting bottles from harmful temperature, humidity, light and vibrations. The Riserva storage compartment allows modification of humidity and storage temperature.

With shelves crafted from the timber forests in Friuli, Italy, the products also integrate amber lighting that brightens when the door is opened as well as a range of accessories that can transform the product into a formaggeria or prosciutteria.

The range starts at the new 45cm column width and can be paired with a matching sized freezer available in Integrated, Classic and X-Pro Series with RRPs starting from $19,199.

The simplicity in the Fhiaba range is in the functionally. The features between the ranges are consistent, but the detail is in the cosmetic design as the products can transform based on kitchen aesthetic. Fhiaba products are available in three distinct styles each lending themselves to popular kitchen designs.

The X-Pro Series is characterised by the upper ventilation grille providing a professional look in the kitchen, the Classic Series delivers a more subtle, smooth and sleek design with a more delicate touch while the popular Integrated Series with an unintrusive pivot hinge system allows for complete product integration without compromising on space.

All Series incorporate anti-bacterial shot peened stainless-steel interiors with radius corners, aluminium details and tempered glass. Fhiaba Access electronically manages and monitors the fridge, showing temperatures of the different compartments on the digital display, together with date and time. The interactive menu can be used to select and customise functions. It’s also possible to modify the operating mode of the bottom drawer to fridge, fresh food or freezer for greater customisation.

The TriPro triple refrigeration system ensures maximum freshness for food with two compressors and three evaporates that ensure continuous, quiet operation and energy efficiency. Fhiaba’s ProVent ventilation system ensures uniform distribution of cold air allowing for better food preservation supported by the Total No Frost system.

An integrated water filter system and ice maker feature an automatic cleaning cycle to guarantee bacteria free water and quality ice. The OptiView lighting system uses LED technology to illuminate distinct areas of the fridge.

A dual movement hinge, EquiLance, ensures stability and resistance for unlimited opening over time, as well as enabling the appliance to be seamlessly built in. Sliding shelves on Fhiaba’s patented EvenLift system can be adjusted to any height in the fridge compartment.

The Fhiaba range is now available in six new colours including Titanium, Copper, Pearl White, Satin Steel, Gold and Pearl Silver.