Samsung has showcased its latest induction cooktop at Eurocucina in Milan featuring a new coil system and an enhanced non-scratch surface.

“The Samsung 80cm Smart AI induction cooktop uses a new induction coil which means more of the cooktop surface can be used for cooking,” Samsung vice president of consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior told Appliance Retailer.

“The cooktop also recognises if you place a pot on level four in the right corner and move it to the left corner, the settings automatically pick up where you left off.

“The new coil system delivers 50% more available space for cooking compared to a traditional induction cooktop of this size. The enhanced non-scratch surface can withstand 1.5 times more pressure than Samsung’s existing induction cooktops.

“The Built-in SmartThings functionality allows you to send recipes to the 7-inch TFT LCD display and screen, and have recipes read aloud or videos played on demand.”

The AI cooktop will launch in Europe in Q3 2024 with launch timing for Australia yet to be confirmed.

Samsung also presented its Bespoke Series 4 to Series 7 built-in cooking line-up which has recently launched in Australia.

“We are focused on expanding our footprint quite quickly based on the results we’ve seen,” Senior said.

“One point of difference that is resonating with both our retail partners and end consumers is our Dual Cook Flex functionality that allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously using different cooking methods – for example, roasting a chicken in the top and steaming vegetables in the bottom – or using the zones independently.

“In the Series 7 ovens, AI and Samsung’s connected story becomes another critical point of difference. For example, creating recipes based on ingredients in the AI Family Hub French Door Refrigerator via SmartThings, which can then be sent on to the oven, that will then automatically pre-set the correct function, temperature and time.

“Through the power of AI, these products are able to combat pain points faced in the kitchen, and ultimately bring meaningful innovation to Australian homes.”

Other home appliances on display included the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo vacuum and mop robot cleaner and Bespoke AI washer dryer combo.

“The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo brings enhanced AI features and steam to offer an easier cleaning experience for consumers. It has the ability to identify different floor types and objects, as well as a range of features including auto empty and re-fill station. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo will be available in Australia later in 2024,” Senior said.

“The new Bespoke AI washer dryer combo can wash and dry a complete load in around 90 minutes based on an average 4-5kg load. Its control panel has a 7-inch screen that can be used to not only control the washer dryer settings but also other connected devices such as a doorbell.”