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LG’s takes clean creative to the next level with its washed up billboard, located near Sydney International Airport.

Five bed sheets, 12 bath towels, 5 tablecloths, 8 shirts, 9 t-shirts, 10 pillow cases, 9 pairs of underwear, 6 washcloths and 7 handkerchiefs — that’s what you see above you on this webpage and while driving to Sydney International Airport. LG’s new ‘Done in One’ billboard is comprised  of 71 household items, washed thoroughly in its new 15-kilogram front load washing machine (WD12595FD6, RRP $3,499).

LG national marketing manager Lambro Skropidis said the the idea for the 36 square metre billboard, which is co-credited to GPY&R Sydney and oOh!media, came from wanting to demonstrate just how much clothing could be washed at once in some a large machine.

“The amount of laundry that can be washed at one time in this machine is really impressive, so we wanted to bring this to life,” he said. “We aimed to create a simple, impactful product demonstration that was sure to resonate with busy Aussie mums for whom laundry can be a part of their daily routine.”

This billboard is the latest in a series of high concept marketing efforts by the appliance industry. Late last year Appliances Online launched its blimp to much interest and E&S Trading is currently on TV as a partner of Channel Nine TV show Reno Rumble.

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LG has published a making-of video to its YouTube channel and it’s actually pretty good!