Big brands, recalls and controversy in AR’s Top 10 Small Appliances Stories of 2014

Small appliances have been huge in 2014! The home gourmet trend has continued, spurred on by popular TV shows like The Block and My Kitchen Rules, and trendy functional appliances that help users prepare and cook meals, brew coffee and clean the house have generated a lot of attention.

Appliance Retailer’s Top 10 Small Appliances Stories of 2014

10. Smeg takes smalls to the big time with lavish launch of toasters, kettles and benchtop appliances (8 April 2014)

The invite gave away only one detail: Smeg would be unveiling a toaster. The family-owned Italian brand started by Vittorio Bertazzoni the elder in 1947 was branching out of its major appliances core competency, built around the oven, and into the highly competitive world of small domestic appliances. The full story is far more ambitious.

9. Full Steam Ahead! AR’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Steam Stations, Systems & Generators in 2014 (4 July 2014)

While irons themselves have had their technological updates in recent years, the basic premise of ironing has remained relatively unchanged for generations. That was until the arrival of one appliance that changed the way ironing is done, allowing consumers to do it more quickly and efficiently, and without having to worry about constant refilling.

8. Dyson recalls Hot + Cool Air Multipliers (AM04 and AM05) due to fire hazard (18 March 2014)

Dyson is recalling its AM04 and AM05 Hot + Cool Air Multipliers due to a short circuit hazard that could potentially result in fire. According to a Dyson spokesperson on its dedicated recall site, there have been several isolated instances leading up to this worldwide recall action, which is affecting over one million units globally.

7. LotusGrill is an excellent if finicky barbecue that’s best for apartment living (12 March 2014)

Have you ever used the hinge on a pair of tongs to break up charcoal to the size of a 50 cent piece, hitting the stubbornly resilient black chunks with such force that you cut hands in the process? Me neither, but I have watched my best friend do this and it was equally painful and amusing.

6. Mix, blitz and blend on the go: Personal blenders for summer 2015 (18 September 2014)

With blending and juicing going gangbusters, personal blenders will be a popular sub-category for consumers in the lead up to Christmas thanks to their gift-appropriate price points and the healthy eating trend which is continuing to drive sales.

5. Thermomix Australia apologises to angry customers (11 September 2014)

Thermomix Australia has posted a message to its Facebook page apologising to irate customers who purchased the popular multifunction appliance mere weeks before a new and improved unit was rolled out. The company has said it had to comply with global marketing and branding guidelines and was unable to unveil any details about the new unit.

4. Aldi benchtop cooker recalled because it can eject scorching hot food at users (17 June 2014)

Aldi has recalled a private label multifunction cooker after it was discovered the benchtop appliance could potentially eject food at high enough temperatures to cause burns on those standing nearby.

3. Upright & Upstanding: Ultimate Guide to the 2014 Vacuum Cleaner Market (13 June 2014)

No one likes to do the vacuuming, and in an increasingly time and space poor society, Australians are looking towards leading manufacturers for a solution that is both powerful and convenient. Although there are plenty of solutions for consumers out there, manufacturers are unable to agree on just what makes the perfect vacuum: whether it’s more innovation, making your machine multipurpose, or simply outsourcing the entire chore to robots.

2. Mixed up business: How Thermomix surprised its fans, tried to win them back and opened the door to rivals (19 September 2014)

After a torrid month of backlash against its global release strategy, Thermomix Australia has responded to its critics, explaining the background behind the surprise announcement of a new machine and how it has tried to satisfied disgruntled customers.

…and the #1 Small Appliances story of 2014:

1. Jean Dujardin joins George Clooney for Lake Como romp in latest Nespresso ad (30 October 2014)

Not content with stealing George Clooney’s Oscar in 2012, Jean Dujardin is now outwitting the world’s smoothest actor/director out of his beloved Nespresso in the latest TVC to be launched by the capsule coffee maestro.

In a real cosmopolitan affair, the French film star, winner of the Best Actor Academy Award for The Artist, stars alongside American Clooney at Italy’s Lake Como to promote the Swiss brand.

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