A recent report from Vipac on energy efficiency for air-conditioning units, which stated that manufacturers are misleading consumers by making biased claims on their labels has caused one leading supplier, Fujitsu General express concern. In a statement to Appliance Retailer Fujitsu General has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Government’s Energy Rating Label scheme.

Vipac has since responded with a reassurance to manufacturers that the findings aimed to encourage the development of more accurate testing technologies and methodology rather than discredit the important role they play.


energy efficiency labels

Fujitsu General national product manager, Peter Cashel said, “The Government’s Energy Rating Label scheme provides consumers with key information to compare similar products and assist with decision making, and is a recognised and trusted program. It is mandatory for air conditioning manufacturers to undertake rigorous tests and approvals – set by industry and Government regulators – before finished products are made available to consumers.”

“Fujitsu General tests all its products and systems according to the current Australian Standards testing requirements. We concur with the need to revise the test standards to better represent an air conditioning product in normal operation.

“There are moves for the industry to adopt new performance standards as recently published by Standards Australia. Fujitsu General is fully supportive of the Government’s initiatives to deliver improvements to testing standards. However in the interim, Fujitsu General Australia believes the current Energy Rating Label scheme is the best way to inform consumers of energy efficiency.

A statement from Vipac said, “Whilst industry and regulation should always be focused on improving standards and Vipac works closely with government, standards committees and industry, the energy star labels continue to be the most accurate comparison for purchasers of air-conditioners.

“Vipac is committed to developing more effective methods for measuring compliance with the energy star labels and encouraging more energy efficient products, increased transparency in the industry and better opportunities for consumers to be aware and in control of their energy consumption.”