Electrolux Group president and CEO, Jonas Samuelson will leave his position and the board after 16 years in the management team and more than eight years as CEO, effective 1 January 2025.

Commenting on his departure, Samuelson said, “I have had the privilege to serve for what will become nine years as president and CEO, so I felt that early next year is a good time to hand over to a successor who can put all energy into leading this great company into the next phase during the coming years.

“We have set a clear strategic direction with focus on the mid- and premium segments through our premium brands, new modularised product architectures, and sustainable, consumer experience driven innovation. The implementation of the new simplified and focused organisation is on track, and we are delivering on our ambitious cost reduction objectives.

“By announcing this now I want to give the board ample time to find the right successor, while I continue to give my full dedication to the company during the rest of the year. I currently have no plan to take on any other operational role after leaving the group and will be available to support the company and my successor also after January 1, 2025.”

Electrolux Group chairman of the board, Torbjörn Lööf said, “The board and I fully respect and understand Jonas’ decision to leave his position as of January 1, 2025, after having led the group successfully during many years. The early announcement gives the board sufficient time to perform a thorough recruitment process to find a successor. In the meantime, I look forward to working with Jonas, his management team, and the board to deliver our objectives for 2024.”

Electrolux Australia and New Zealand managing director, Kurt Hegvold said, “We take this time now to celebrate the many and significant contributions Jonas has made to the Electrolux Group globally. 

“Locally in ANZ, it remains business as usual. Coming off the back of a positive first quarter, we’ve enjoyed volume, revenue and EBIT growth. This is a result of ever-improving plans built in collaboration with our valued retail partners, and our continued focus on delivering excellent service and consumer solutions to drive healthy sales growth.”