Sony's new PS TV fits in the palm of one's hand.
Sony’s new PS TV fits in the palm of one’s hand.

Sony’s new PlayStation TV (PS TV), a complementary gaming console to the popular PlayStation 4 (PS4) device originally released overseas late last year, is now available in Australia. Giving gamers the power to stream their PS4 games to another HD TV, the PS TV is RRP $149.

(Please note, in overseas markets, this product is marketed as the PlayStation Vita TV or PS Vita TV. In all markets, it carries the product code VTE-1000.)

Originally conceived as a ‘microconsole’ for the Chinese market, where console gaming from the likes of Sony and Microsoft is still an immature market, the positive response to the PS TV, coupled with Sony’s determination to promote its Remote Play capabilities, have resulted in an expanded rollout.

The PlayStation TV has two main functions. The first is to stream games from already installed PlayStation 4 to another TV in the house, over the home Wi-Fi network. This allows users to play games in different rooms without having to constantly plug and unplug their PS4 from its regularly stationed place in the household. This is a technology dubbed PS4 Remote Play and it also works with Sony’s new Xperia Z3 range of smartphones and tablets (For more on these handsets, read Shiny Gadgets, Happy People: Sony Mobile MD speaks openly about Xperia Z3, company culture and why wearables will win over consumers).

The second functionality is as a standalone console, which requires the purchaser to own a DualShock 3 or 4 wireless controller. Gamers can play PS Vita, PlayStation Portable and PSone games through the PS TV, and Sony advertises the availability of “hundreds” of compatible titles, including Crash Bandicoot, Driver, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Silent Hill and Tomb Raider.

Sony also lists some supplementary features including access to movies and TV episodes through the PlayStation Store.

The PS TV has 1GB of internal storage and weighs 110 grams. Slots and connectors include a PlayStation Vita card slot, memory card slot, USB, HDMI out and a LAN port. Included in the box are an HDMI cable, an AC adaptor, a power cord, printed materials and a digital download voucher. This voucher is for three free games. On the packaging Sony has provided to us, these games are Worms: Revolution Extreme, Velocity Ultra and OlliOlli; it is unclear if everyone gets the same games or if there are difference titles available (we have asked Sony for clarification).

UPDATE: Sony Australia has confirmed that all PS TV purchases come with the same three free games.

Although Sony Australia has not provided any direct commentary on how the PS TV will be positioned in the trade, retailers should take note that this device is both a handy upsell opportunity for customers purchasing a PlayStation 4 and also a fine option for novices looking for a cost-effective way to dip their feet in the turbulent waters of video gaming.

For those that care about these things, the PlayStation TV is ¥9,480 (AU $93), £85 (AU $152), €100 (AU $143) and US $100 (AU $115).

A look at the reverse of the PS TV, with all its connectors and ports.