With features based on key consumer insights.

Samsung has launched two key major appliances to retailers at an event at the Ivy Penthouse in Sydney last night – the AddWash front loading washing machine and the Four Door ‘Flex’ Triple Cooling Refrigerator.

The retailer event was hosted by Jeremy Senior, Samsung’s recently appointed Director of Home Appliances, featured local research that identified trends and insights into Australian homes as well as studies that have informed the innovation and design of its latest home appliances.

The AddWash front load washing machine and the Four Flex refrigerator represent the two key product platforms for the Home Appliances division for the second half of 2016.

In a clear strategy that demonstrates ‘more is more’, the messaging focused on the importance of large capacity washing machines and refrigerators, but with key innovations to differentiate from other products on the market.

The AddWash front load washing machine enables users to add clothes to the cycle after it has commenced by using a pause button and a unique hatch at the front of the machine. Samsung believes that the location and physical presence of the hatch emphasizes the benefit and provides retailers and consumers with a visual link to the innovation.

Samsung HA Launch

L to R: Mike Lilly, Caroline Morgan and Jeremy Senior.

According to Samsung – home appliances head of product, Mike Lilly, the ability to stop and add product to be washed has been one of the biggest hurdles within the purchase decision for front loading machines.

“This is the first opportunity that we have a clear demonstrable benefit to switch sell from a top load to a front load, even though Samsung operates in both categories.

“AddWash is the future of washing machines and it is based on local insights and research and we believe this is ticking all of the boxes when it comes to consumer pain points,” Lilly told Appliance Retailer.

There are five models in the AddWash range which have been available in the market since April, with the top of the range featuring 16kg wash and 8kg dry capacity.

According to Lilly, the Four Door Flex refrigerator range was also developed based on key consumer insights.

“The research conducted which has led to the development of the Four Door Flex product told us that consumers want a flexible storage space and temperature zones. With the Four Door Flex product, we are able to address these local requirements of our consumers,” he said.

The latest model in the Four Door Flex range is the Black 867 litre model which was introduced to market in mid-May. Also released last month were a 717-litre counter-depth model and a 751-litre model known as the Chef’s Collection. A 719-litre model was introduced to the market late last year.

Lilly confirmed that the marketing activities for this range will be retailer-focused – including staff training, digital inventory and point of sale material.