False washing machine compensation.

Samsung Australia has received reports about scam emails that have been sent to members of the public, particularly those affected by its washing machine recall, claiming to be from Samsung. The scam emails pose as coming from Samsung and reference the transfer of “compensation” to customers. Recipients are asked to provide information that will allow Samsung to transfer money into their bank account.

Scam alert

A statement from Samsung Australia says, “Samsung urges that customers do not respond to this email. It is a scam. Samsung does not engage in “cold emailing” customers who may be affected by its washing machine recall efforts.

“Should a customer be unsure of whether an email is credible, they are encouraged to call Samsung’s dedicated customer service line toll-free product safety hotline on 1800 239 655 to verify the communication.”

All official Samsung information about the recall is available via the website: http://www.samsung.com/au/washingmachinerecall/.

Samsung has alerted authorities (including a report via the ACCC’s ScamWatch portal) about the scam emails and is working to monitor the situation.

Any consumer who receives one of the scam emails should forward the contact to wm.samsung@samsung.com so as to enable Samsung to provide further information to authorities.