By James Wells

BRISBANE: Consumer electronics retailer, Wow Sight & Sound has released a range of Nashi-branded mp3 portable speaker systems which will be exclusively sold through its stores.

According to Wow Sight & Sound national sales manager, Don Mayne, the accessories are designed to allow mp3 users to share their favourite music and videos.

“These innovative miniature gadgets are perfect for the fashion inspired to the budget conscious customers,” he said.

“The practicality of purchasing an mp3 player and accessories often goes beyond listening to music. It’s almost like purchasing another fashion accessory where image is important.

The range includes the Nashi NAS9001 mp3 portable speaker system with nylon mesh case, 3.5mm stereo jack, speaker strap for outdoor use, up to 15 hours playback time as is available in black, navy blue, orange and grey. Other versions of this product, the NAS3307 mp3 portable speaker system comes in a sunglasses-shaped nylon pack, and the NAS2501 comes in a square pack design.

Also available is the Bayport remote control mp3 docking station, which comes with a built-in subwoofer unit and provides synchronisation for music playback and also allows you to recharge mp3 players.

A portable speaker docking system, the Fidek Port Station 1, has been released for gaming enthusiasts. Featuring an input jack for all multimedia devices, the product is specifically designed for PlayStation Portable gaming device and other portable gaming devices.

“We are combining the awesome designs and fantastic colour range with ease of functionality all at a fraction of the price,” Mayne said.

“For many customers, that ‘funky’ player and items like these new portable stereo speaker units they have been dreaming of so often comes with a hefty price tag – not so at Wow Sight & Sound.

Mayne would not confirm the pricing of the products in the Nashi range.