At its press conference ahead of the official opening of IFA 2023 in Berlin, Bosch showcased its new Series 8 ovens, which have just launched in Europe and are soon to be rolled out in Australia.

With healthier preparation methods front and centre, steam cooking up to 120°C is possible with Steam Plus (added steam cooking) to not only retain more nutrients and vitamins, but also reduce cooking time. The built-in AirFry function is a healthy alternative to deep drying, cooking foods more healthily with less fat without compromising on crispy results.

The Series 8 ovens also promise perfect cakes at the touch of a button thanks to the PerfectBake Baking Sensor Plus which removes the need to choose the mode, temperature or baking time. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the sensor continuously measures the moisture content in the oven and switches off automatically when the cake is perfectly cooked.

The Series 8 ovens can be connected to the HomeConnect app to find the best settings and right programs quickly and easily. With one click, oven settings can be transferred directly from the app to the oven, and the baking process can be monitored and controlled remotely.

The ovens feature a new design with large TFT touch display and digital control ring making operation simple and intuitive.