Epson projectors played a big part in a recent installation at a Sydney arts space. Cement Fondu hosted Magical Putt Putt, where artists from Studio A’s neurodiverse community produced large-scale new work and transformed the gallery into an interactive mini-golf experience.

Cement Fondu curatorial and media assistant, Jackie De Lacy said the gallery reached out to Epson as it needed projectors looping in-sync with a variation of long and short throw lenses. The main technical requirement for the space was for a five-channel video installation that required projection mapping onto five walls around one room to create a seamless and continuous video loop that spanned all the gallery walls. 

“One specific requirement was to have Epson projectors rigged high enough that visitors could enter the room without their bodies interrupting the projections too much,” she said. “This involved a combination of keystoning the projected image, rigging the projectors in discrete locations and using a combination of different lenses to minimise disruption.”

The Magical Putt Putt installation integrated and utilised Epson EB-G7500UNL, EB-G7905UNL, EB-G1060UNL, EB-G1070UNL and EB-L1405UNL projectors along with Epson’s ELPLU04 short throw lenses.