By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Retailers will have a role to play in the new TV recycling scheme, according to Sony Australia. The Japanese supplier is supportive of the model, which doesn’t allow freeriders and is compulsory for all suppliers.

“I think the scheme as it’s been announced is a great thing, it’s a very positive result. Certainly we’re delighted that the national scheme has been announced and that a program has been put in place for us all to work towards now, so I think it’s fantastic actually,” said Sony national technology services manager Stuart Clark.

One of the pressing issues in the industry since the announcement regarded the role of retailers in this scheme. We asked Clark what he envisioned for the retailers.

“There’s a role to play for everybody in this program that’s been announced. The role for retail is to be there as a communication partner, to ensure the consumer out there is aware of the program.

“From a retail point of view, there would also be a role to play potentially as part of the program of collection, but detail is still yet to be formalised and set up. Communication is going to be the strongest immediate activity for retail.”

Clark said that retailers do have a responsibility in this scheme, along with suppliers and consumers. He said that many of these issues are still to be resolved, but that retailers need to work ensure that the system benefits the wider society through providing a convenient, easy to use and easy to understand solution to the TV waste problem.

Finally, echoing rival Panasonic, Clark said he was satisfied that freeriders could not exist in this new scheme.

“We’re very happy with the fact that it’s a program that’s for the entire industry and that it does deal with the issue of freeriders. Every supplier in the equation has a role to play and an obligation so we’re pleased that it has addressed that particular issue.”