IFA 2017: Siemens showcases avantgarde laundry line-up

With new technology.

The new Siemens avantgarde laundry appliances embody outstanding design, innovative technology and exceptional convenience thanks to the inclined control panel, intuitive multiTouch LED display and automated features such as i-Dos.

The washing machines and dryer feature a new blue indicator ring that encircles the window that allows users to read the current program status even at a distance. The appliances can now be operated like a smartphone by means of a 5-inch colour TFT full-touch display, which sits on a beveled fascia panel for enhanced legibility and ergonomics, and can also be controlled from any type of mobile device. The owner receives status messages directly via the Home Connect App. Smart energy management for solar power is as much a given as the easyStart assistance function. Simply specify the load type and the app immediately suggests the most gentle program for the chosen textiles.

The avantgarde washing machines are entering a new size segment with a 10 kilo loading capacity, although the external dimensions remain unchanged.

For the first time, avantgarde customers have the choice between i-Dos and sensoFresh. With i-Dos, users simply need to fill the washing machine with liquid detergent approximately every 20 washes, sensors then ensure the exact amount of detergent is dispensed each time. The alternative sensoFresh washing machine, by contrast, allows odours to be removed from non-washable clothes, using natural activated oxygen rather than chemical additives.

Both washing machines have a total of 20 wash programs and 13 additional features, including the Siemens anti-stain system and various time-saving options. The latter is also offered with the dryer.

The dryer volume has also increased, with a capacity of 9 kilos. It automatically cleans the lint filter with each drying session. The lint is diverted to a repository where it is condensed. The repository therefore simply has to be cleaned approximately every 20 drying cycles, with the display indicating when the lint repository needs to be emptied. Another highlight is that the condensation water no longer has to be emptied manually, thanks to the new comfort drain set for condensed water.


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