Nespresso jigs its cashback scheme to offer more money for high-end machines

George Clooney recently took a break from filming Nespresso ads to marry Amal Alamuddin.

There are few certainties in life: death and taxes are two among them; day following night is a good bet and there will always be people whinging about how they just nearly almost backed the trifecta on Melbourne Cup day.

When it comes to the retail appliance industry, certainties are not in surfeit. Gerry Harvey and Ruslan Kogan will always be bickering, Miele appliances will work for 20 years and Electrolux will continue to add more and more brands to its stable, like a premodern empire slowly devouring the world.

These are uncertain times so it is reassuring to know that there is one absolutely bankable sure thing in this appliance nation: when the gift-giving periods roll around, Nespresso will be giving cash back.

Although Nespresso running a cashback campaign is not so much newsworthy as news-obvious, the local team has this year come up with something new to keep the capsule coffee crowd interested. This Christmas, the Swiss brand is offering three tiers of cashbacks across its range! Compared to Nespresso’s most recent cashback promotion, in the lead up to Father’s Day, the new system sees some models being promoted with a bigger cash incentive and some with a reduced cashback amount.

For Nespresso’s Essenza, Inissia and U machines, Nespresso is offering $50 cashback. This is slightly down from the $60 offered for Father’s Day. One tier up, Nespresso is offering $75 back on the Pixie and CitiZ ranges, which is $15 more than the last promotion. At the top of the range, there is $100 back on the Maestria and Lattissima ranges. This is $20 more than previous offers.

“The feedback we get from our valued retailers is that our cashback promotions are a powerful tool to drive sales and attract new Club Members to Nespresso,” said commercial manager John Ciaglia. “This year, the 3-tiered incentive makes it even easier for Australians looking to buy a new coffee machine to choose the genuine quality of Nespresso.”

In addition to throwing cash back at customers, Nespresso is also promoting its wares through an amusing new TVC starring Academy Award winner George Clooney and Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin. Meanwhile, there is also a luxurious new $30 grand cru called Maragogype, which is described as “special reserve” and is apparently made from an extremely rare elephantine coffee bean. Furthermore, Nespresso will be setting up tasting stands in 13 shopping centres in the build-up to Christmas, attracting customers and then directing them to nearby retailers, according to Ciaglia.

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