Sony unveils next generation portable gaming device (first image)

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Both the portable gaming device, currently codenamed NGP, and the PS Suite software content for Android based mobile phones, smartphones and tablets is expected to make their first appearances by the end of this year.

The NGP is an oval shaped device with a 5-inch organic light emitting diode display (OLED) that boasts 16 million colours. The user interface also features a multi-touch pad on the rear and a front touch display allowing ‘touch’, ‘grab’, ‘push’ and ‘pull’ moves of the fingers for what Sony has described as “three dimension-like motion”.

Other standout features include GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity which can be used through different applications enabling users to socially, albeit virtually, connect with other players. The device has two cameras, three motion sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and an electric compass.

As for the PS Suite, Sony said that by offering PlayStation quality content to the rapidly growing smartphone and tablet market it will be able to deliver itself to a wider base of users. It is the first time PlayStation content will be available on an open operating system.

Sony, who is yet to reveal pricing for the NGP, said it would “vigorously promote NGP towards the launch as the next generation portable entertainment platform and deploy various measures to further expand the portable gaming market”.

The first image of Sony's new portable gaming device.

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