Panasonic launches second stage of its LUMIX campaign

According to Panasonic, the local digital photo market has exploded in recent years with latest estimates at 2.5 million units a year and growing. To celebrate this it has launched a new TV commercial for its LUMIX range.

The company has just announced that it will launch the second wave of its new campaign this week to support the recent release of the LUMIX DMC-FT1 Digital Still Camera.

The TVC is called ‘Skim’ and follows on from the popular ‘Mountain Climber’ commercial and is aimed at demonstrating the resilience, high definition stills and video capabilities of the LUMIX range. See the TVC here.

“Both Panasonic TV executions are based on the twin insight that consumers want a tough piece of equipment that also delivers great picture quality, whether you are shooting stills or movies,” said Panasonic in a statement.

The new commercial features two hikers skimming the camera across a river and Cameron Hoelter, Campaign Palace creative director, commented on the TVC.

“This is a charming version of what you would classically call a ‘demonstration ad’ just delivered with an ironic twist,” he said.

Gemma Lemieux, marketing director Panasonic Australia, said the campaign is scheduled to run on national TV, POS and online over the next six months.

“This second ad, shot in New Zealand wilderness near Queenstown, reinforces Panasonic’s strong focus on promoting the LUMIX brand this year, in particular the exceptional features of the rugged FT1,” she said.

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