Bing Lee sees HD future while launching flat panel promo

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Bing Lee has joined forces with Who magazine and Inside Sport for a new flat panel display promotion, while general manager, Phil Moujaes, has thrown his support behind high definition technologies in a conversation with

Bing Lee will offer its customers a six month subscription to Who magazine or a 12 month subscription to Inside Sport with every LCD or plasma television purchase of $1,000 or more from Sunday 5 August.

“Bing Lee is always keen to offer loyal customers extra value for choosing to shop with us,” said Bing Lee general manager, Phil Moujaes.

“And, as many of us either have a fascination for the glamorous world of Hollywood and its celebrities, or want to feed our appetite for sports and the latest on our favourite sporting stars, bonus subscriptions to these top magazines seemed the ideal way to reward them,” he said.

“Something which we are also trying to support is the push towards more people buying high definition products, with Blu-ray and PlayStation 3 still to play their roles.

“This is where the market is heading – the technology is there and more and more high definition products are becoming available, so we’ll be promoting that quite heavily in our stores.

“The future is high definition, there’s no doubt about that.”

Moujaes stated that sales in the flat panel display category are “going very strong”, with Bing Lee showing strong support for both flat panel technologies.

“You’ll find that both plasma and LCD are growing, although LCD is growing at a much faster rate, but plasma is still growing and I strongly believe that the two formats can co-exist,” he told

“I think there is a place for both plasma and LCD in the marketplace, and the recent plasma v LCD debate hasn’t really affected the consumers. As far as Bing Lee is concerned we support both technologies.”

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