Haier demonstrates successful marketing

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Haier Australia’s Double Drive washing machine has exceeded anticipated sales figures for its September/October launch period, in part due to the company’s marketing foresight, says Haier.

In a press release distributed last week, the next generation HWM90DD, a “unique” double drive washing machine, is said to be found by consumers as “simply too good to pass up”.

At $1,499 RRP, the HWM90DD costs above the average spend for washing machines in Australia, but the company cites the machine’s value, large size and extended warranty, along with Haier’s successful marketing strategy, as factors contributing to its favourable reception.

Marketing and advertising for the HWM90DD represents the double drive concept as the “fourth generation in washing technology.” Haier Australia marketing manager, Tony Gersback, says planned marketing is important for product sales. 

“We went to both retailers and consumers with a complete marketing strategy to back this quality product,” he said.

“The HWM90DD delivers the best of Haier’s research and development so there was no hesitation in giving it a ten year warranty and, although it boasts the latest in technology and design our strategy was to introduce it with consumer value positives.”

The 30-day consumer trial period is now over, but Gersbeck expects these positive sales to continue.

“The free home delivery and installation combination has been identified by many retailers as a main reason for the excellent sell through results.”

Point-of-sale merchandise was also added to the marketing mix, including an illuminated stand in each store which drew attention to the HWM90DD’s presence.

Fully-trained Haier demonstrators were also present on the weekends at key retail stores, to assist with demonstrations of the washer.

“Purchasers have generally been larger families with Mum and Dad making the ultimate purchasing decision together,” said the press release.

The HWM90DD features a single-piece base, which makes it easy to load and unload, also allowing easy access to the twin filter system for cleaning, according to Haier.

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