By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Sunbeam Australia has distanced itself from a recall of 300 Sunbeam Over-the-Range microwave ovens in the USA, stating the Australian business has little connection to Sunbeam in the USA and no connection to the microwaves in question.

Sunbeam Corporation CEO, Jonathan Lord, told that the two companies have different owners, offer independent products and have little in common with each other on a business level.

“Sunbeam Corporation Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of GUD Holdings, an Australian owned public company, while Sunbeam USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jarden Corporation, a NYSE listed company.

“While we share the same brand name, and have agreements to share certain products, we have no common ownership. Sunbeam Australia does not market microwaves," said Lord.

“Their product recall has nothing to do with Sunbeam in Australia or Sunbeam retailers,” he said.

The recall, which affected microwaves with the model number SNM1501RAQ and which were installed into mobile homes in the US from February to March 2007, was issued after it was found that internal electrical arcing in the microwave could pose a potential fire hazard to consumers. No injuries or reports of damage have recorded.

“This recall involves Sunbeam Over-the-Range microwave ovens with serial numbers within the range of A0701161370000001 through A0701161370000304,” said Petters Consumer Brands in the recent recall notice.

“Consumers should immediately stop using the microwaves and contact Petters to receive a replacement microwave. The manufacturer of the mobile homes that contain the recalled microwave ovens is notifying consumers directly.”

Petters Consumer Brands entered into a strategic relationship with Sunbeam USA in 2005 to develop high-performance kitchen appliances at affordable prices and is an affiliate of Petters Group Worldwide, LLC.