By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious. By adding a heating feature to a stand mixer, Kenwood has introduced a machine that cooks while stirring itself, freeing up time and hands in the kitchen.

The planetary mixer works in tandem with an induction cooking system, allowing food to be cooked while constantly being stirred in a 3-litre or 6.7-litre work bowl. The temperature is variable from 20 degrees Celsius to 140 degrees Celsius and has three cooking stir settings, a timer function as well as every other typical mixer convenience.

While Kenwood is aiming its product to professional chefs and accomplished cooks, the real advantage of such a tool is its potential to make complicated and sophisticated recipes easy for those not au fait in the culinary world.

Risottos, béchamel sauce, choux pastry and meringues, dishes which usually require a deft hand in the kitchen can be made automatically.

In keeping with its target market Kenwood developed the machine following 60,000 hours of testing to ensure durability.

Kenwood spokesperson Filiz Bensan said the machine will make life easier, especially for those in the catering trade.

“As a brand we’re renowned for our functionality, durability and quality. The new Kenwood Cooking Chef is a fully functional machine and is fantastic for professionals that already understand cooking and food preparation techniques,” said Bensan.

The mixer is being launched in Australia this month, following the success of its European release at the back end of last year.

Sales in Europe have exceeded expectations, nearly ten-fold the projected demand, particularly in France, according to Bensan.