By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Electrolux will pull the Westinghouse brand from the washer market and replace it with new Electrolux-branded machines, according to laundry product marketing manager Grant Stevens.

Speaking to, Stevens said the move was designed to improve market share.

“We’re replacing that [Westinghouse] with Electrolux just because it’s a better fit with the consumer that we’re wanting to target,” he said.

Stevens confirmed the new Electrolux products would not be the same products re-badged, though. 

“We’re just selling through what’s on the floor at the moment, and over time Electrolux will basically take back the space, we certainly hope, and hopefully a bit more.”

There was no set cut-off date for the changeover, he said.

The Westinghouse brand will continue on in dryers, though, with production switching to the new Rayong, Thailand factory next month.