Sony Computer Entertainment Australia this morning unveiled its new music service, VidZone, and gave select media the opportunity to witness the new Playstation exclusive service first hand.

VidZone was one of the major announcements to come out of the Sony Computer Entertainment event this morning, a new music service that allows Playstation 3 owners to stream thousands of music videos, free of charge.

Backed by several major record labels, this new online service is still being kept under tight wraps by Sony and media were even instructed to not take any photos or videos of the service while it was being demonstrated.

Sony is currently still working on the service and the company has expressed that it is sitting at about 85 per cent completion, with the major issue being that Sony is trying to get the best possible streaming quality before launch.

Michael Ephraim, managing director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand, was very excited about the launch.

“Music has always been popular on PS3 and now VidZone is set to transform the way we view music videos by letting you completely tailor your experience and is just one more reason for PS3 to be the most valued player in your living room,” he said.

The VidZone application will be available via download from the Playstation Store and is stored under the music icon on the PS3 XrossMediaBar. The service allows you to not only stream high quality music videos but also save custom playlists, it even gives users cross functionality with the PSP that lets you create a playlist while on the move and then have the videos waiting for you on your PS3 at home.

This move is just another effort by Sony to demonstrate the vast amount of options the Playstation3 has to offer consumers, and further emphasises the message that the PS3 is not just about gaming.