By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: Uniden is set to revolutionise the cordless phone market with the introduction of Australia’s first genuine long range and maximum coverage repeater cordless phones, the XDECT R Series.

Utilising repeater stations that communicate with the main phone base, the new XDECT R Series cordless phones from Uniden offers unrivalled talking range, the likes of which have never before been possible.

Each time additional repeater stations are added to the system they act as transmission points so that the signal can be re-transmitted even further distances, dramatically improving talking range and coverage.

“Repeater stations are built into the charging base of each additional handset,” said Uniden senior national marketing executive, Brad Hales.

“When three charging bases are positioned in a straight line away from the main base, the result is four times more talking range. Adding another three charging bases in the opposite direction extends the reach even further. So, in total, up to eight times the talking range can be achieved.”

To ensure complete coverage the XDECT R Series also has a Diversity and High Gain Antenna System. When there is not a clear line of sight between the phone base and the handset, this technology transmits multiple transmission signals, effectively eliminating drop out areas around the home.

According to Hales, the XDECT R Series demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and represents a genuine ‘first’.

“As market leader, we invest heavily in research and development to create innovative telecommunications solutions that are a step ahead of the game. We are extremely proud of the XDECT R Series as it offers something nothing else in the market can — unprecedented range.”

While particularly suitable for larger properties, multi-level homes, farms, factories and other commercial applications, Hales anticipates the XDECT R Series will be a popular choice for any customer seeking the ultimate solution to reception issues around the home. The feature set also makes these phones ideal for small business owners.

“With the capability to operate a second line, the XDECT R Series is ideal for people working from home who may want one phone line for home use and one for business use or potentially VoIP applications. Business users will also benefit from Intercom/Announce Call Transfer functionality and the Handset Conferencing facility which enables up to seven callers to communicate together.”

XDECT R Series phones operate on the wireless network friendly 1.8GHz DECT frequency, meaning they won’t interfere with other electronic devices in the vicinity. Other key features include an Integrated Digital Answering Machine with two mailboxes and Remote Access as well as Do Not Disturb and Call Block functions to provide greater control over incoming calls.

The XDECT R055 + 1 Repeater Station and Handset is priced at RRP $299.95. The XDECT R055 + 2 Repeater Stations and Handsets is RRP $399.95. Additional XDECT R005 Repeater Stations and Handsets are RRP $129.95 each.

The XDEXT-R series from Uniden will be available from late October. To celebrate the launch of the XDECT R Series, Uniden is offering customers an extended warranty to 2012 and a 30-day money back guarantee for a limited time.