By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: With refrigeration designs and concepts constantly evolving, Hitachi has released an entire range of refrigerators which they claim keep food fresher and tastier for longer.

‘Triple Clean’ technology is at the core of the concept, combining an Advanced Multi-Flow System, Nano-Titanium Filter, and new Negative Ion Generator. Hitachi’s Advanced Multi-Flow System helps alleviate refrigerator ‘cold spots’ by dispersing clean air to every corner of the fridge.

Combating breeding bacteria, the Negative Ion Generator and Nano-Titanium Filter work together and help extend food life within the fridge.

“The negative ions get airborne and basically float through the refrigerator absorbing any bacteria or foul odours they come in contact with,” says Hitachi marketing manager, Michael Mannasz.

“They then pass through the Nano-Titanium Filter (only 5 nanometres wide), with a silver and titanium oxide surface, resulting in a 99.99% filtration.”

The new range comes in white or stainless steel with 430 litre and 480 litre capacities available; 550 litre and 600 litre models are on the horizon. Every new model will incorporate humidity control systems and shatterproof glass shelving, with the hero model, R480ET5X, coming with an antibacterial coating on a fingerprint proof stainless steel door. The complete range of R430AT5 PWH (RRP $1099), R430AT5 SLS (RRP $1199), R480ET5 PWH (RRP $1299), R480ET5 SLS (RRP $1449) and R480ET5X (RRP $1549) are now available at Harvey Norman, Domayne, and through the Narta group.