By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Australian consumers have been warned to check that the AFL and NRL Grand Finals will be broadcast in 3D in their area before purchasing a TV. This caution comes from the ACCC and ACMA.

According to ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel, some retailers in areas not receiving a 3D Grand Final broadcast are advertising these games as selling points.

"Before consumers buy a 3D television to watch the football grand finals, [consumers] should double-check with a special 3D TV viewer hotline set up by the trial broadcasters to ensure they are within the transmission area," said Samuel.

"3D TV is an emerging technology with a range of issues under consideration, including policy and consumer protection issues, and the future of temporary trials.

"Vacant spectrum being used for these trials is only available on a temporary basis and the technical standards for 3D TV are still evolving.  The ACMA has released a discussion paper concerning 3D TV."

The AFL Grand Final between Collingwood and St Kilda will be broadcast in 3D on Digital Channel 40 this Saturday. On Sunday week, the NRL Grand Final (St George Illawarra/West Tigers v Gold Coast/Sydney Roosters) will also be shown in 3D.