By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Toshiba Information Systems Division has launched its first hard disk drive digital camcorder, called the Gigashot, which captures mpeg2 video and digital still shots.

The Toshiba Gigashot R series will include the 30GB Gigashot R30 (RRP $999) and the 60GB Gigashot R60 (RRP $1,299), both featuring a 2.0 megapixel CCD, 2.5-inch LCD screen, 10x optical zoom and 12x data transfer speed.

According to Toshiba, the R60 can store up to 55 hours or 20 DVDs worth of video content, and will capture still shots and take video at the same time.

The R60 also comes with an additional docking cradle with AV, USB, Ethernet and AC power connectivity.

“The Gigashot embodies recording simplicity, where consumers can start recording instantly without worrying about buying the right disc or tape,” said Toshiba general manager, Mark Whittard.

“This feature, tied with the Gigashot’s simple user interface, allows Toshiba to offer a product that is technologically advanced yet simple to operate.”

Toshiba also updated its Gigabeat portable digital media player range today, launching the Gigabeat V series with a 3.5-inch OLED screen for watching videos stored on the 30GB hard disk drive.

The Gigabeat V boasts up to eight hours battery life when playing movies and up to 30 hours when playing audio.

“The Gigabeat V gives users the ability to watch feature length movies on a large screen that is still highly mobile,” said Whittard.

“Leveraging Toshiba’s rich history in audio, video and storage technologies, it is exciting to offer consumers complimentary products like the Gigashot and Gigabeat whereby they can shoot video with their Gigashot and enjoy watching it on their Gigabeat.”

The Gigabeat V is also the first model in Toshiba’s portable audio range to feature a built-in speaker for sharing audio with friends or listening without headphones.