By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The second season of the influential MasterChef TV show starts tonight, with several appliance brands anticipating increased demand at the retail level as a result.

Last year, MasterChef emerged from obscurity to finish the year as Australia’s most watched non-sporting program ever, with more than 4 million people watching the final episodes. Importantly, the show was both a commercial and critical success, meaning that interest in the second season is feverish.

Channel 10 has been able to capitalise on this anticipation, signing up a number of sponsors from among the appliance and cookware industries. These include Tefal, with its MasterChef range of pots and pans; Sunbeam, with its small appliances; and Ariston, with its ovens.

Sunbeam CEO David Jackson is confident viewers will notice his brand’s appliances, and that it will translate into sales at the retail level.

“Seeing the talented MasterChef contestants create amazing dishes with Sunbeam appliances will inspire viewers and highlight the capabilities of the very appliances they have in their kitchens,” Jackson said.