With robotic mower.

The new and improved Worx Landroid robotic mower brings refined accuracy and safety to mowing the lawn. Thanks to its powerful cloud computer system, it can determine the size of the lawn, soil composition, as well as temperature and grass species, to ensure the grass is cut at the right time based on growth rate and seasonality.

Featuring patented cut-to-edge blade design, it ensures only a narrow strip of uncut grass is left, while AIA intelligent navigation finds the quickest and most efficient way to mow the lawn.

By connecting to the Landroid app, users can operate the mower from anywhere at any time, as well as access key information to improve performance and efficiency.

There are five accessories available for the Worx Landroid, including the RadioLink that extends Wi-Fi connections by up to 1km, ideal for larger properties ; Voice Control capability eliminates manual operation, even without a smartphone; Find My Landroid SIM card tracks and locks the mower without Wi-Fi connection; Off Limits creates temporary or separate boundaries from the main wire and the ACS Anti-Collision System identifies and maneuvers around obstacles.

With a side charger and open grid below for grass to grow through, the charging station will blend into the rest of the garden, and the new Landroid garage cover ensures extra protection against harsh weather conditions.

Available in a range of sizes and capabilities, the re-designed Worx Landroid Robotic Mower can be configured to suit any yard. Available through Amazon, Harvey Norman, Kogan, Mitre 10 and other major retailers, RRPs start from $1,499.