Winning Appliances has rolled out a new national brand campaign ‘Create Your Forever Home with Winning Appliances’ focusing on creating a home environment that is not just functional but provides long-lasting happiness.

Developed in conjunction with specialist content marketing agency, 3rdspace, the campaign highlights that with more Australians spending time at home, it is time to focus on turning houses into homes with Winning Appliances.

Filmed in Winning Appliances Redfern showroom, the campaign showcases the retailer’s unique multi-sensory shopping experiences, expert service, industry leading culinary team and world-leading appliances. It also highlights appliance solutions for different audience segments.

Advertising will run across print and digital titles, radio, social and be integrated into primetime TV shows until the end of October. The TV ads have been created in 60 second, 30 second and 15 second formats.

Winning Group chief marketing officer, Sven Lindell said the silver lining with more Australians spending time at home is that they have thought about how they would love their home to be. 

“We approached 3rdspace to create a holistic campaign that provides inspiration and highlights the importance of experiencing life reimagined. Our showrooms are designed to provide a multi-sensory customer experience with service and advice from experts, to help customers create their dream home.

“This campaign not only tells the century-old Winning Appliances story, but allows us to integrate our partner brands into that narrative and demonstrates that there are appliances solutions to suit customers, depending on how they like to live and entertain in their homes.”

3rdspace founder, Rob Logan added, “It feels like we are living in a new world and that means we need to find ways to experience and have a full life in new ways. Making the best of what we have and being grateful for the little things that make us smile. This campaign is designed to highlight Winning Appliances as the brand that helps you live your best life at home and how treating yourself in these times can bring joy to you and your family.”