To better service local customers.

Whirlpool has brought its customer service call centre back to Australia to increase response times for consumer enquiries and improve the effectiveness of each call. The call centre, previously based in Manila in the Philippines, is now located in Scoresby, Victoria.

In a partnership with Customer Management Centre OneChat, the move will see a fully trained and equipped dedicated team with an extensive showroom onsite for hands-on customer support in real-time.

Whirlpool Oceania general manager for marketing, Liam Bryers said, “While Whirlpool is a big brand globally, we can only be measured as a brand by how we perform at a local level, and we believe that bringing our call centre back to Australia demonstrates just how focused we are on getting the entire customer experience right for local consumers.

“A customer’s experience extends long after the purchase has been made, so to build brand loyalty locally, we are also focused on how we service customers post-purchase as a critical indicator.

“Our initial KPIs are to improve the customer experience by 25% in first-call resolution, but this is only the tip of the iceberg for the overall benefits we believe it will deliver to our business.”

OneChat Asia Pcific, vice president, Graeme Sala commented, “When we first met with the Whirlpool team, their passion for getting things right all the way through the customer experience and having Australian consumers dealing with locally-based, highly knowledgeable support staff was clear.

“We are proud to partner with Whirlpool who have gone so far as to set-up a fully operational showroom in our call centre, and we’re excited to be on this journey with them.”