By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The new Dyson Air Multiplier has experienced strong sales since it was launched into the summer cooling market in mid-October. A combination of strong marketing and hot weather has propelled the fan to the top of the value charts, despite the fan having no propellers.

Talking to, Dyson SEA managing director Ross Cameron thanked the weather gods for the heat generated from launch.

“If you look at the weather conditions, we’ve had one of the hottest Novembers in history,” said Cameron. “We really couldn’t have asked for better conditions entering into this market. We’re really pleased with the results to date, but it’s still very early days of course.” understands the Dyson Air Multiplier has already become the number one product on the seasonal value charts. Cameron said the retailers had been great, supporting the product since the first shipments arrived.

“Retailers have been behind this product from the start. It was their positivity toward this new technology, and excitement that a manufacturer was coming in to shake up a category which really hadn’t changed for a very long time, that helped us know we were on the right track.”

The success of the Air Multiplier has confounded some critics, with observers at launch questioning whether a seasonal product with such a premium price tag could be successful. The lesson to be learned from this experience is that new technology, different technology and well-marketed technology will sell, no matter how expensive it is.

“We’re very lucky that our customers really do like to share their Dyson experiences. They have always done it with vacuum cleaners, and our new Air Multiplier customers are the same. I guess that’s a side product of new, innovative technology, people want to talk about.”

Some of the experiences Cameron talked about included a veterinarian who previously avoided fans for fear his birds would fly into the blades and a hearing-impaired consumer who found the buffeting from traditional fans uncomfortable through their hearing aid.