By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Fisher & Paykel this week unveiled two new stainless steel Ice & Water-dispensing refrigerators, along with an out-of-the-ordinary marketing campaign, featuring a penguin, to support the new product line.

The two models — an RF610ADUM (RRP $3,699) with iridium non-marking stainless steel and an RF610ADUX (RRP $3,599) with EzKleen brushed stainless steel – each offer 614 litres of storage capacity, making them the largest in Fisher & Paykel’s refrigerator range. 

Called the French Door fridges, they will join the company’s existing, top-selling Ice & Water family, whose members each include in-door chilled and filtered water dispensers as well as in-freezer ice makers.

Point-of-sale advertising material will be launched in march and will include a penguin standing on an icy pedestal, promoting the virtues of the Fisher & Paykel Ice & Water range, including the lack of storage space taken up by the ongoing supply of filtered ice and water, and the fridge’s ability to make large quantities of ice when needed.

“Our little penguin is designed to attract attention on the shop floor. He’s particularly appealing to kids, especially given the popularity of penguins at present thanks to the award winning box office smash, ‘Happy Feet’. We’re confident he will do a fantastic job of informing consumers of the features and benefits of the ice & water range,” said Fisher & Paykel marketing manager, Peter Russell.

“The unique ability to make large quantities of ice is a winner with consumers. With a little planning, the refrigerator can supply enough ice to fill an esky, keep drinks cold while on a road trip or service a summer party.”   

“Cold filtered water dispensed directly without having to open the fridge door is a luxury catering specifically to a hot Australian summer,” said Russell.

“But it’s the means by which we’ve been able to include the convenience of ice and water dispensers in the fridge without compromising on internal storage space that makes it innovative.

“Viewing the water dispenser externally on the door of the fridge would give the impression that a large proportion of the internal door storage space was taken up by the mechanics of the device, however surprisingly, the inside of the door shows no visible sign of the dispenser.  The ice and water feature actually only occupies 3.5 litres of the appliance’s total usable volume,” he said.