By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Philips has partnered with Microsoft to create a range of new audio accessories to be released this month, which includes two portable speaker sets and a variety of co-branded MSN multimedia headphones suitable for use with Windows Live Messenger.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, Philips has developed a range of headphones which can broadcast music, be used for gaming and also transmit Windows Live Messenger chat.

The full range of co-branded MSN multimedia headphones will consist of the SHM3100, SHM3300 and the SHM6100, with RRPs yet to be determined.

As part of the new range of accessories, Philips will also release two portable speaker systems for use with any portable entertainment device or personal computer, the B1100 (RRP $29.95) and the amplified B1500 (RRP $59.95).

Philips will also launch the Mix and Match SHE2610 (RRP $29.95) and SHE7750 (RRP $39.95) in-ear headphones which come with five sets of interchangeable colour caps.

While strengthening its commitment to entertainment anytime, anywhere, Philips will release the new HM6100 (RRP $249.95) wireless headphones designed for comfort and clear sound.