By Adam coleman

SYDNEY: Embattled Retravision NSW has announced the cancellation of its annual expo, which was scheduled to be held this September and the postponing of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) until October 2006.

“We were scheduled to hold our annual Expo in September 2006, which under normal circumstances is followed by the company’s AGM, to which we would have all shareholders from around the state in attendance,” said departing Retravision NSW CEO, Darrel Jones in a statement to suppliers.

“However, unfortunately we have moved our AGM to October 2006.  We believe that this timing from a commercial aspect would be too late to attain our mutual goals for the Christmas quarter. As such, we shall cancel the expo for 2006.”

In previous years, the expo has unified New South Wales Retravision retailers along with supplier partners under the one roof at Sydney’s Rosehill Racecourse, with the aim of locking in business for the Christmas selling period.

“To ensure we both get the opportunity of securing our business for the Christmas period, the Merchandising team will be on sending a submission form in the near future.

“We assure you of our best intentions at all times and look forward to working with you to obtain the best results for this all important selling period,” Jones said.

Jones previously announced he will resign from his position as Retravision NSW CEO next Monday 31 July.

Retravision NSW has been experiencing some cash flow problems, which new national chairman, Bill Harries briefly addressed at the Group’s annual conference held in Fiji in May.

“You may have heard of an issue in NSW specifically relating to the current cash-flow issue. Around Australia the competitive environment is tough. Particularly so in metro NSW,” Harries said.

“The NSW board has engaged specialists outside specialists and assistance to address this current problem. I want to thank the suppliers who are also supporting them very strongly. I want to assure you all that the national board is across these actions and we are providing full support to NSW.”