The most popular baby monitor for 2015 is the Uniden Baby Watch, according to Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards. The product is designed for busy parents who can use the remote app on their smartphone and tablet to securely view or talk to their baby from anywhere in the world.

While the baby monitors are presently sold through the traditional appliance retailers including JB HiFi, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman Stores, this Award will likely give Uniden more traction with prospective channel partners.


Uniden’s national marketing communications manager, Brad Hales said the company was now looking at teaming up several baby retail partners. “We want to promote the number one baby monitor in this channel as well.”

Hales said that the Mother & Baby Magazine Award recommendation is genuinely trusted by consumers when navigating their options on shelf or online. “Child safety and security are so important, which means nursery products need to demonstrate practical benefits as well as the highest quality features,” he added.

The Uniden Baby Watch BW 3102 Baby Monitor features a large 4.3” colour screen which  monitors the safety of a sleeping baby or kids playing, utilising a user-friendly, high quality, digitally encrypted system.

Part of the Uniden Baby Watch baby monitor range, it’s the high-tech features including remote access that have proven popular with parents.  With dual camera configuration, the BW 3102 enables parents to have eyes and ears all around the house. Featuring both a video and audio display, the camera is equipped with a built-in microphone so parents can hear when their child may need attention. A walkie talkie function also enables parents to communicate with people in other areas of the home while tending to their child.

Awards judges noted the room temperature display and ability to play soothing lullabies as other valuable Baby Watch product features.

Baby Watch’s advanced features continue with an audio alert and ‘smart motion detection’ which automatically turns on the video display if the child stirs or noise is detected.

The system includes a night light and infrared night vision for round-the-clock monitoring and the Baby Watch uses a secure digital wireless solution which can be moved from room to room or even out into the backyard, transmitting clear video and audio signals up to 150 metres. Uniden’s digitally encrypted FHSS technology protects against eavesdropping and hacking from external sources.

The BW 3102 is also available as a single camera package which is the BW 3101 sold for $199.95. Uniden Baby Watch BW 3102 Baby Monitor: RRP $249.95