By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Panasonic has commenced a sponsorship with Australia’s leading television travel show, Nine Network’s Getaway, to promote its DMC-TZ1 Lumix digital camera to travelers.

The sponsorship will involve branding during a number of segments throughout the full Getaway season, including the weekly ‘Snapshot’ segment, which provides viewers a swift overview of the particular focus destination.

The sponsorship will also include in-program segments, which will show presenters using the camera in different locations and in different ways, in an attempt to educate consumers as to the cameras many features.

A 30 second television commercial is also included in the sponsorship deal as well as logo association and having the DMC-TZ1 on screen for a minimum of 60 seconds.

Each episode of Getaway will conclude with the end credits stating “Digital still cameras supplied by Panasonic”.

The Getaway website will also run DMC-TZ1 based promotions until September.

Retailers will receive point of sale counter cards with life-size DMC-TZ1 cut outs to promote the sponsorship and reinforce that the DMC-TZ1 is a traveler’s camera.