By Paul Hayes

MELBOURNE, VIC: was among the visitors who saw Fisher and Paykel stand well and truly apart from its competitors at the Good Food and Wine Show over the weekend.

Surrounded by a sea of celebrity chefs and free food stands, Fisher and Paykel invited the show’s visitors into its ‘Musion Theatre’, which was housed in a giant cube covered in white curtains and provided a four-minute 3D holographic video projection of its new kitchen products.

Musion is a high-definition 3D holographic video projection system that allows a moving life-size hologram to appear within a live stage setting, creating the illusion that objects are floating in mid air.

The 3D-without-glasses effect that Musion creates is truly impressive and effectively allows consumers to look at a range of familiar products through a new set of eyes.

According to national marketing manager, Peter Russell, in the increasingly congested world of domestic cooking and kitchens, Fisher and Paykel wanted to create a unique experience for visitors.

“We really wanted to move away from the standard product showcase and embrace new technology to deliver an exciting, new experience for consumers.

“It moves away from the typical static kitchen stands with a celebrity chef and instead allows us to tell a story, to illustrate concepts that are hard to articulate, and to build a dream in front of one’s eyes.”

Fisher and Paykel’s Musion Theatre will also be on display at the Sydney and Brisbane legs of the Good Food and Wine Show later in the year.