By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Sony has taken a clear lead in the recent Blu-ray free movie redemptions drive, with a document obtained by showing 47 per cent of customers who purchased a BDP-S300 player redeemed their chance for free Blu-ray movies.

However, the document, which lists Blu-ray players on the Australian market and each model’s redemption rates from the October 2 start date to November 30, showed Sony’s higher end models, the BDP-S1E and the BDP-S500, only managed five per cent redemptions each.

Sharp had a strong showing with a 28 per cent redemption rate for its BDHP20X player.

No other player in the market enjoyed more than a five per cent redemption rate, with Pioneer’s BDP-LX70 bottom of the table, with only a one per cent return of coupons.

Pioneer’s other listed player, the BDP-LX70A and the Panasonic DMP-BD10 both managed only two per cent redemption rates. Panasonic’s SMP-BD10A received a five per cent redemption rate, while Samsung’s BDP 1000 received four per cent.

Of the films on offer, Superman, Casino Royal, Hart’s War and The Wild topped the list of most popular redemptions, with Will Smith’s romantic comedy Hitch in last place.