By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sony Australia has launched an innovative mp3 player which senses gravitational movement and can detect when the user is running or walking and adapts an audio playlist accordingly.

The S2000 Series mp3 flash walkman, available in 1Gb and 2GB configurations, is marketed to people with an active lifestyle.

Measuring 9.7cm by 1.5cm, the product has already been nicknamed the ‘testube’ and is splash proof to withstand sweat or rain. Sports armband and sports style headphones are supplied with the product.

The most innovative feature of the product is the G-Sensor, that senses gravitational movement of the Walkman and allows the device to be used as a pedometer while exercising. Users can input information including height, weight and age to obtain the number of calories burned, or set a challenge to reach a desired calorie goal.

Users can switch between standard and shuffle playback without having to access the menu system by shaking the Walkman three times with the display facing upwards.

The G-Sensor also detects when the user is running or walking and the product will switch between two dedicated music playlists programmed in the unit to match the pace of the exercise.

“This means you can run to that empowering rock soundtrack, and when you’re ready to bring it down to a walking pace, the Walkman detects the change in your steps and plays those chill-out tracks to cool down and catch your breath. Once you’re ready to go again, the Walkman will up the tempo with you,” said Sony personal audio product manager, Suzanna Gan.

“The S200 Series Walkman is an intelligent device which supports you when running or walking and plays the appropriate type of music selected for each pace.”