The next-generation of handheld cleaners from Dyson are fitted with an advanced, powerful new motor to deliver an even better cleaning performance.
The Dyson digital motor took 10 years to develop; electronically controlled, it is half the weight and half the size of conventional motors, but provides twice the output. This has enabled engineers to design smaller, lighter handhelds (DC30 and DC31) with longer battery life for increased run time, performance power, and no loss of suction. 

Where others fall short, Dyson handhelds keeps cleaning.  Conventional handhelds rely on bags and filters to capture small dust particles, and lose suction rapidly as the bin fills up.   Dyson handhelds features patented Radix Cyclone™ technology to spin dust and dirt out of the air, so they don’t lose suction as they clean.  And, with an internal dirt trap, the dust and debris that gets picked-up, stays picked-up.

The latest Dyson handhelds offers a ten minute run time with constant high suction.  Want more power?  DC31 has been designed to boost your cleaning performance. Dual power mode allows you to switch to six minutes of higher suction to take-on stubborn dirt and cleaning tasks.

The DC31 Motorhead also has an independently motorised brush bar designed to quickly and easily clean pet hair, human hair and lint that can cling to carpets, couches and car interiors. A pivoting soleplate keeps the machine’s head in contact with surfaces at all times.

As well as their unique cleaning capabilities, Dyson handhelds have a unique look. This look is the result of ergonomic design, providing a balanced weight distribution to make cleaning comfortable. 

And thanks to its Dyson digital motor, Dyson handhelds are more energy efficient when compared to other handheld motors – which waste battery power instead of using it to clean.

DC30:  RRP $249
DC31:  RRP $299
DC31 Motorhead: RRP $349

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