ZIP Mosman 2023

The Celsius Plus All-In-One Pull-Out is a beautifully designed system for instant pure-tasting filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling drinking water at the press of a button and unfiltered hot and cold water for washing up, including the artfully incorporated pull-out sprayer that operates seamlessly, without snagging made possible with the Zip Hose Management system which is installed under-bench.

The pull-out sprayer emphasises ease and versatility – in food preparation, cleaning dishes or washing down your sink at all angles and corners, and switches effortlessly to spray mode at the press of a button.

The touchpad also features continuous flow for bottle-fill, safety lock for boiling water and is embedded with antimicrobial protection for enhanced hygiene.

With an optimised aerator in the beautifully designed outlet spout, you’ll be guaranteed an enhanced sparkling water experience every single time.

Available in seven modern finishes to suit any kitchen aesthetic.

Zip Water is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water solutions. Zip Water invests in Australian-based innovation design and world-class Australian made manufacturing to continually enhance water quality, functionality, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Recognised as a global innovator for 75 years, Zip Water’s products are sought after and installed in over 80 countries worldwide, providing homes and workplaces with the purest-tasting, safest and cleanest water possible.