Bosch has been named Best Brand 2022 for cooktops by CHOICE based on performance on low and high heat settings, turn-down capacity, ease of use and cleaning, as well as element size, type and positioning.

Bosch induction cooktops deliver a modern kitchen design while offering the ultimate cooking experience, available with FlexInductionor CombiInduction zones making it easy to use larger cookware as cooking zones can be combined.

FlexInduction offers maximum cooking flexibility, as cooks can merge two or more rectangular cooking zones to suit a wide variety of cookware. For added flexibility, CombiZone cooktops contain two cooking zones that can be combined to create one large zone. The PowerBoost function can bring water to the boil much faster than the highest heat setting as it generates up to 50% more power.

Cooking with induction is also a safer option than other cooktop alternatives as only the base of the pan is heated through a magnetic field and not the entire cooktop. There is a two-stage residual heat indicator that displays which zones are still hot or warm to touch. The added child lock safety feature provides extra peace of mind, as it locks the surface of the cooktop to prevent unintended use. Induction cooktops are particularly easy to clean as the glass surface is only as hot as the pots and pans themselves.

Bosch Induction Cooktops boast 17 power levels to choose from and automatic cookware detection that lights up the cooking zone. The PerfectFry cooking assistant function (available on selected models) prevents food scorching by using an integrated sensor to automatically regulate the temperature.

Standard features also include touch controls, timer with automatic switch off and set alarm option. Bosch 90cm Flex Induction cooktops incorporate a keep warm function that uses a low power setting to keep food warm at the touch of a button.

2-in-1 Cooktop with Integrated Ventilation re-invents kitchen planning

The Bosch 2-in-1 cooktops offer induction cooking and ventilation in one appliance, making them an ideal option for kitchen renovators and builders planning an island bench with cooktop for true open plan living with no obstruction from a separate rangehood.

For kitchens that have a rangehood fan against the wall, installing the 2-in-1 cooktop allows for additional overhead cupboard space in place of the rangehood.

The convenient AutoOn function turns on the ventilation when a cooking zone is selected. Choose from 9+2 extraction settings, where the highest speed setting creates approximately a 65cm high suction bell. The cooktops are powered by the EcoSilence brushless motor, which ensures efficient and quiet operation.

The two cooking zones on each side can be combined into one to provide even distribution among large cookware. They also feature 17 heating power levels and an automatic pan recognition sensor. Cleaning is made easier with the electronic filter saturation indicator, plus the filter and sleek air inlet grid are dishwasher safe.

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